Poly welder dry hire, Geelong

Auswide Plumbing is unique among Geelong civil construction contractors in providing an extensive range of poly welding equipment for dry hire. Our poly welding hire service offers equipment for welding polyethylene pipes up to 355 millimetres in diameter. Our team is highly skilled and qualified in providing our Geelong poly welding service, therefore we know our equipment inside and out.

Depending on the project or job, our poly welder dry hire service is suitable for jobs between 40 and 355 millimetres in pipe diameter. Auswide Plumbing can provide equipment for HDPE welding, butt welding, electrofusion welding and HDPE butt welding including:

  • Poly butt welder – Dixon HF 350 – 90-355 mm
  • Poly butt welder – Dixon HF225 – 63-225 mm
  • Poly butt welder – World Poly 250 – 50-250 mm
  • Poly butt welder – Dixon LF110 – 40-110 mm
  • Poly fusion welder – Plasson

With more than 10 years’ experience specialising in poly welding in Western Australia’s Pilbara mining region, the Auswide Plumbing team has vast experience and knowledge of poly welding equipment. We have also built up a premium range of poly welders. Although we expect our customers to have experience and know-how when hiring our poly welding equipment, we are also more than happy to pass on tips and our expertise with the machines.

Auswide Plumbing’s Geelong poly welder dry hire is available for private and domestic use as well as to other contractors and civil plumbers. Our machines are of high quality and periodically maintained as well as annually calibrated. We are happy to drop off and pick up poly welding equipment from job sites, and schedules rates can be provided.