Civil earthworks & earthmoving contractors, Geelong

Auswide Plumbing is the Geelong earthmoving contractor to call for all projects requiring commercial and civil earthworks. We offer a range of earthworks services including detailed and bulk earthworks, hydro excavation (non-destructing digging), and site preparation.

As earthworks contractors, we are skilled and experienced in all facets of earthmoving, and our ability to deliver premium results is enhanced by the top-of-the-line equipment and machinery we use. Like all our Geelong civil works services, our earthworks services are customer and safety focused. Auswide Plumbing’s small and expert team is committed to delivering meticulous earthworks for civil and commercial clients on projects large and small.

Geelong bulk earthworks specialists

Our Geelong bulk earthworks service involves the removal of material on a larger scale by excavating or cutting into a large area of ground. Bulk earthworks are done in order to adjust the height or level of a site for specific infrastructure projects. We specialise in large site cuts for infrastructure such as mines, roads, railways, dams and large industrial building sites. With our bulk earthworks service, we aim to reuse as much excavated material as possible to minimise waste.

At Auswide Plumbing, we also specialise in detailed earthworks. Detailed earthworks differ from bulk earthworks in that detailed involves excavation and preparation of smaller sites for small construction projects. We have the earthmoving skills and equipment to undertake detailed earthworks on projects such as car parks, residential housing, and commercial buildings.

Another service we offer, which is unique among Geelong earthmoving contractors, is hydro-excavation, also known as non-destructive excavation. Hydro-excavation is a low-impact and clean method of digging for and around underground utilities using high-pressure water jetting. We also use a vacuum system to minimise waste and environmental impact. It is often a safer way to determine depth and location of existing services before using mechanical or traditional excavation. Auswide Plumbing can undertake hydro-excavation as a standalone service or an add-on during other civil construction works.