As Geelong civil contractors, Auswide Plumbing provides a comprehensive range of civil contracting services in Geelong, but we also travel across Victoria. We have the equipment, experience and expertise to take on large and smaller projects, after spending more than a decade based in Western Australia and providing civil works services to the mining sector.

Our civil contracting services include Geelong civil construction, with which we have vast experience from a variety of larger projects including subdivision work, water tappings and civil drainage. As earthmoving contractors, we specialise in civil earthworks, including bulk excavation services and bulk earthworks, as well as hydro excavation, also known as non-destructive digging.

Auswide Plumbing is also a Geelong backflow installation and testing expert. This is a crucial service when it comes to protecting industrial, commercial and civil water supplies from contamination. We also have you covered when it comes to plumbing and drainage services, including commercial and industrial plumbing, domestic plumbing, maintenance plumbing, water and fire services and septic and wastewater treatment plant installations and repairs.

You can contact Auswide Plumbing for all your Geelong poly welding needs, while we also provide a comprehensive sewer jetting and CCTV inspections service.

Backflow Installation & Testing

Backflow occurs when water supply to a property or facility flows in the wrong direction, usually when water supply has been cut off. Backflow can cause contaminants to enter piping and flow into the utility service main. The contaminants are then at risk of being redistributed to water users when the water supply is restored. Auswide Plumbing specialises...

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Civil construction Geelong

Civil Construction

As Geelong civil construction contractors, Auswide Plumbing combines experience, expertise and high-quality customer service in providing civil construction services. We have worked on a wide range of civil construction projects large and small, and have more than a decade’s experience carrying out civil works in Western Australia’s mining industry. Auswide Plumbing is ever evolving in...

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Excavation and Earthworks


Auswide Plumbing is the Geelong earthmoving contractor to call for all projects requiring commercial and civil earthworks. We offer a range of earthworks services including detailed and bulk earthworks, hydro excavation (non-destructing digging), and site preparation. As earthworks contractors, we are skilled and experienced in all facets of earthmoving, and our ability to deliver premium results...

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Plumbing & Drainage

Auswide Plumbing offers plumbing and drainage services on civil construction and other projects. Services include laying road stormwater drainage pipes, installing plumbing, drainage and sewage pipes in property sub divisions and other civil construction sites. Our Geelong civil plumbing services include specialising in new drainage installations, extensions and alterations of existing drainage. Being a specialist drainage...

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Auswide Plumbing butt weld poly welding

Poly Welding

Auswide Plumbing is a leader when it comes to Geelong poly welding. There is currently high demand for accredited poly welders for plastic pipeline installation, and we have the training, expertise and equipment required to take on almost any poly welding project. Auswide Plumbing offers Geelong poly welding services for polyethylene pipes up to 355...

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