Backflow occurs when water supply to a property or facility flows in the wrong direction, usually when water supply has been cut off. Backflow can cause contaminants to enter piping and flow into the utility service main. The contaminants are then at risk of being redistributed to water users when the water supply is restored. Auswide Plumbing specialises in Geelong backflow prevention and backflow testing.

We are accredited for backflow device installation. Backflow devices are designed to prevent the occurrence of backflow in your water supply and subsequent water contamination by stopping contaminated water from reaching the main. Auswide Plumbing has vast experience in backflow device installation for larger commercial and industrial purposes, and at facilities such as hospitals and aged-care centres – buildings where water contamination due to backflow can be an issue.

At Auswide Plumbing, we emphasise the importance of backflow prevention in Geelong and across Victoria and we are a member of the Backflow Prevention Association of Australia. Backflow device installation is a requirement at properties which are prone to backflow occurrence, as it poses a significant risk to water safety and consumer health.

Backflow testing must be carried out periodically, annually at least, to ensure devices remain in peak working order protecting water supplies from contaminants. Auswide Plumbing is an authorised Geelong backflow prevention tester, as well as an authorised backflow device installer. Our qualified team members are experts in all things backflow prevention and testing.

Backflow devices are often required to be registered with the Office of the Technical Regulator, and in this case the devices must be tested annually. Auswide Plumbing will lodge all test results with the OTR.

At Auswide Plumbing, backflow installation and testing is just one of our underground water utilities services. Contact us for our extensive Geelong plumbing and drainage services, and be assured we also have you covered with it comes to a wide range of plumbing services.