April 4, 2018

Comdain Infrastructure contracted Auswide Plumbing & Civil to complete the installation of 800m of 250mm HDPE for the upgrade of part City West Waters existing vacuum sewer system within the Sanctuary Lakes Resort.

The project involved 3m deep excavations through the beautiful canal estate of Sanctuary Lakes and the crossing of the golf course.  The existing vacuum sewer system had become insufficient, so a new system was designed to more efficiently cope with sewerage from the homes in the area.

Trenching proved a little more difficult than anticipated with rock being located just below the surface and due to the area being established existing services provided an ongoing challenge. Traffic management formed a crucial part of the works to allow the local stakeholders access to their properties.

800 metres of 250mm HDPE was successfully welded & installed without damage to any services and leak free upon testing of the upgraded system – a super effort by all who worked on the project!

One of the best contracting teams I’ve had the pleasure in working with…….  Jack Gavran   – City West Water Survey

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